Sun for Everyone!

Community Solar makes it possible for New Yorkers to join shared solar projects anywhere in the City. Anyone who pays a Con Edison electric bill, even renters, can join a community solar project to save money with locally-produced solar energy.

Solar One is helping to make discounted solar energy subscriptions available to the people and organizations we work with through community solar. There are dozens of community solar projects around the City, and Solar One can help you choose which Community Solar system is best for you.

If you’re new to community solar, check out our Community Solar Info Hub for more information on community solar projects.

If you’re interested in signing up for community solar, please fill out the form below. For community solar, please select “Subscribing to a solar project somewhere else” under What are you interested in? If you have questions about community solar, check out our FAQ.

If you’re new to community solar, check out our Community Solar Info Hub and FAQ for more information.


I am a renter. How can I participate in Community Solar?

Community solar is great for renters! Solar panels are installed at a third party location, typically a warehouse. The electricity generated from the solar panels goes to Con Edison’s grid and is converted into a monetary credit applied as a discount to your Con Edison bill.

How does Community Solar save me money on my Con Edison bills?

As a subscriber, you will only pay for 90% of the value of the Solar Credits and the remaining 10% is pocketed savings. As a reminder, the monetary credit (or Solar Credit) is applied to your Con Edison bill, lowering your charges.

Is Solar One an ESCO? What’s the catch?

Solar One is an environmental education and technical assistance non-profit, we are not an energy supply company (ESCO) and we do not help households sign up for an ESCO. We help NYC residents learn about and enroll in community solar projects so that everyone can reap the benefits of the green economy. Community solar provides guaranteed savings to subscribers because you’ll only ever pay for 90% of the credits you receive, and that rate is locked in while ESCO rates can fluctuate.

What’s the difference between community solar and an ESCO?

Community solar is not an ESCO. Community solar allows individual households to share one large, local solar energy system and reduce their entire electric Con Edison bill through solar credits – guaranteed. Meanwhile, ESCOs offer a variable rate of electricity through green energy sources such as wind, typically located outside of NYC.

When will I start to see the savings?

You can start to see savings as early as 60 days after signing the community solar agreement, but sometimes it can take longer. It will depend on the project you sign up for, and we can provide that estimated timeline after you fill out the intake form.

Is there a fee to sign up?

There are no enrollment fees.

How do I qualify?

The only qualification is to be a Con Edison customer.

Does this change how I usually pay for my Con Edison bills?

No, enrolling in community solar does not change your current payment method with Con Edison

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time with no fee or penalty. Community solar projects require a 15-60 day notice, depending on the project. Once you cancel, you’ll be removed from the project within the 15-60 day timeframe and will no longer receive credits on your bill.