Justice, Sustainability and A Brighter Tomorrow, Thanks To You

Solar One has the ambitious goal of providing access to solar power and education programs to the entire NYC metro area. Gifts from generous supporters like you help us achieve that goal.

Within our budget are day-to-day operating costs like electrical bills, salaries for staff and more, but our budget also funds additional resources for our various programs, such as Here Comes Solar, Green Workforce, Green Design Lab, Stuy Cove Park, Clean Energy Communities, and emergency relief in times of crisis. Revenue from grants and sponsorships is simply not enough to cover all that we need to spend, which is why the organization relies on the Solar One Fund.

The Solar One Fund provides crucial, directly spendable support and is vital to the functioning of the organization. Your support fills the gap between grants and the true cost of the sustainable environment we strive to create.

We thank all our donors for ensuring that every program has access to important resources that set the stage for productive, consistent workflow. You can help, too.

You Can Help New Yorkers Become More Educated on Climate Action

In our Professional Development workshops, our staff educators provide training and guidance for teachers on how to incorporate our STEM-based, hands-on activities in Energy, Water, Materials, Air and Food into their classroom lessons. Solar One Fund donors are making this initiative far more effective by helping to amplify the efforts of our staff educators by providing the funds needed for equipment, supplies and outlets. Because of their generosity, our educators know they will make it through the rest of the year successfully.

Our teachers and students need you.

Your Support of The Solar One Fund Makes a Difference

Our students are tremendously grateful for the summer programming they receive from Solar One that allows them to explore sustainability in NYC and deepen their environmental awareness. Some of them dream of becoming Sustainability Consultants, Environmental Justice Ambassadors, Field Organizers and more. The skills and insights they gain from programs like our Green Design Lab prepare them for the workplace of the future.

Many students are waiting for your Help.

You Can Enhance Employment Opportunities for Historically Underrepresented Communities

Any job can be a “green job” when an understanding of sustainability and clean energy are brought to the forefront.

Just ask one of our 500+ students trained in green building operations and maintenance. Thanks to Solar One Fund donors, our students have the chance to receive certifications and technical training from our Green Workforce Program.

At Solar One, we see it as part of our mission to provide job opportunities for under-and unemployed individuals who have borne an undue burden of the effects of climate change. We help empower them with the skills and career pathways they need by administering the education, certification and hands-on experience in sustainable operations and energy efficiency.

But none of this would be possible if the workers did not receive access to the resources funded by our annual donors. 

Your gifts to the Solar One Fund provide a dollar-to-action pipeline for technical training and internships through the Green Workforce Program. Join donors who take steps to support our efforts to tackle the rising carbon output with equitable job opportunities.

Will your support help New Yorkers reduce their environmental impact? Yes, it will!

Bringing a solar array to an urban neighborhood can be a very difficult undertaking. However, with the advice and direction offered by Solar One, from helping building owners choose installers, management and billing solution providers to helping them understand the federal, state and local tax incentives available for the installation of a solar array, owners are better able to commit to sustainability, improving the quality of life of their tenants.

As an example, consider one of our clients in Brooklyn. The owner of 2992 Nostrand Avenue initially considered a smaller system size to compensate for the common area energy costs. However, after speaking with experts at our Here Comes Solar division, the owner decided to pursue a larger system to offset the building’s energy costs and maximize the amount of solar energy on the roof.

You can help more housing units across NYC to go green and do something for the environment by making a gift to the Solar One Fund. Your compassion today will feed their transformation tomorrow.