Solar Career and Technical Education

The Solar CTE program implements solar education -tied to emerging clean energy careers- into CTE programs across New York City.  The solar installation focused curriculum is incorporated into existing electrical, engineering, and construction programs at technical high schools. During the program, Solar One educators visit each school for two weeks to facilitate program content and co-teach with classroom teachers.

Topics covered include: benefits of solar, solar site assessment, solar circuits, mountings and installing electrical components, and solar careers. The Solar CTE program concludes with a capstone project where students work in groups to install four 200 watt stand-alone solar systems. In addition to wiring all of the system components, students learn how to mount the panels using the most common method of rooftop solar mounting in NYC- ballasted mounting.  The teachers keep all the supplies so that they may continue to train students on solar installation in the future. Schools are also invited to attend an annual solar careers expo to network with installers. Schools that participate in the three year partnership with Solar One receive training, support, and resources need to bring solar into their classroom.