Project Name: 128 W 138th St HDFC

Project Type: Net Metering, Offsetting Building Common Area Load

Building Type: HDFC Co-op

System size: 22.32 kW-DC

Installer: 770 Electric Corp.

Financing type: Direct purchase

Campaign: Solar.Uptown.Now (SUN)

Partners: WE ACT for Environmental Justice, UHAB, Sustainable CUNY


128 W 138th Street was the first building to get a solar energy system through the Solar.Uptown.Now campaign, the first solar group purchasing campaign for multifamily cooperative buildings. Presented with a few options, the co-op selected a 22.32 kW-DC system that offsets nearly all of the common area load while maintaining an area of the roof open for a future project, such as a roof deck or roof garden. The SUN campaign resulted in 12 additional solar projects in Upper Manhattan, and the formation of a Black-led solar installer cooperative.

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