Overview and Benefits

  • Located along the waterfront, will be a model of resiliency for hurricanes, storm surges, and other potential emergency conditions.
  • Will feature advanced sustainable building engineering and design components.
    • Energy generation: 38kW array alongside the FDR Drive, visible to tens of thousands of New Yorkers every day. It will generate off the grid solar electricity allowing the building to serve as a community disaster relief center in the event of future storms. Energy storage will all enable the building to be fully resilient.
    • Resiliency features: Due to its location in a V-Zone, building will be elevated 10 feet, elevated mechanicals, steel structure and foundation that are hurricane, tornado, and seismic resistant.

Economic Development and Related Programming

  • The Center will encourage NYers to make energy efficiency and renewables investments in their buildings and businesses.
  • The Center will also be an education destination for the thousands of NYC public school children who participate in Solar One’s Green Design Lab programs each year. It will provide indoor and outdoor experiences for learning about sustainability, climate change, and resiliency as they engage in hands-on activities and demonstrations in our state-of-the art classrooms.
  • The beautiful setting of Stuyvesant Cove Park, the Center’s backyard, will support a myriad oflearning, recreation, and arts opportunities.