Program Overview

For over a decade, the Green Workforce Program has been providing under- and unemployed individuals with education, certifications and hands-on experience in sustainable construction, building operations and maintenance, HVAC, energy efficiency and solar PV. As New York City looks toward the future to address the climate crisis by lowering carbon emissions, it is critical to train and place workers in a wide span of industries across the five boroughs – not just “green jobs”. 

At Solar One, we believe every job has the potential to become a green job when the right elements of sustainability and an understanding of energy are brought to the table.

In addition to this ethos, we also focus heavily on “transferable skills” that allow multiple pathways to employment following training completion to ensure students aren’t trained for too specific of a niche industry.

Furthermore, it is essential to our mission to strive for environmental justice in our daily work by providing education and employment opportunities to historically underrepresented communities and demographics who have borne an undue burden of the effects of climate change. As we take steps to build a workforce that can tackle rising carbon output, equitable job opportunities must be included in that strategy.

Workforce Development and Strategic Partnerships

The Green Workforce Program offers training courses and certifications for participants of workforce development organizations. Through our partnerships with partner organizations across New York City and parts of New Jersey, we have trained more than 4,000 under- and unemployed individuals for jobs in green construction, green building operations and maintenance, energy efficiency, HVAC and solar PV.

Our Partners

If you’re part of an organization interested in a partnership or training opportunities with Solar One, please contact Max Levitzke at or complete the form at the bottom of the page. 

At this time, we do not provide enrollment opportunities for individual students. If you are a person interested in joining a Solar One program, we would encourage you to contact our workforce partners directly and express your interest to them. Our partners include a number of exceptional organizations across the NYC area who regularly run training classes with us. Please explore the list below:

Our Staff