Solar One connects New York City residents, businesses, property owners, and community based organizations to energy efficiency and clean energy resources through education and outreach programs.

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NYC Retrofit Accelerator

Solar One serves as the outreach and education coordinator and workforce development trainer for New York City Retrofit Accelerator, an initiative of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. Solar One engages local organizations and real estate industry associations to get the word out about the free energy efficiency initiatives and technical assistance offered by the program.

GYRSOBRO1The NYC Retrofit Accelerator offers free, personalized advisory services to streamline the process of making energy efficiency improvements that will reduce operating costs, enhance tenant comfort, and improve our environment. The NYC Retrofit Accelerator’s team of Efficiency Advisors are building experts that will help you find the projects that best suit your building’s needs. ​​Efficiency Advisors work with building decision makers to understand their needs, connect with qualified contractors to do the job, find cash incentives and financing to help pay for the upgrades, train building staff so their building runs efficiently for years to come, and support them every step of the way, even after project completion.

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NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities Program

Local governments are critical partners in achieving a new energy vision for New York State. As such, municipal leaders play a critical role in affecting energy choices in their communities, both in terms of government operations, and also across homes, businesses, and community institutions. The Clean Energy Communities Program (CECP) provides grants, direct technical support to communities, and recognition to local governments that demonstrate leadership in the area of clean energy.

The program focuses on ten high-impact actions that local governments can take to save money, foster a vibrant economy, and improve the environment: Benchmarking, Clean Energy Upgrades, LED Streetlights, Clean Fleets, Solarize, Unified Solar Permit, Energy Code Enforcement Training, Climate Smart Communities Certification, Community Choice Aggregation, and Energize NY Financing.

Solar One serves as the CECP contractor in New York City and Long Island. Our dedicated and knowledgeable local Clean Energy Coordinators are available to local governments to provide on-demand technical assistance, step-by-step guidance, case studies, model ordinances, project development support and other tools and resources. By completing four of the ten high-impact actions, the applying jurisdiction earns the Clean Energy Community designation as well as a grant, up to $250,000 per municipality (while funding lasts), to support additional clean energy projects.

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Active building-wide engagement is critical to any sustainability initiative; behavioral change alone can impact energy use by 10%.