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Stuyvesant Cove Park

Education Program Updates

gardner-solar-oneHelping PS 33 Rock Sustainability

On Saturday September 28th, Solar One Educators joined a group of speakers to discuss  kick-starting sustainability efforts at one of our partner schools, PS 33 Chelsea Prep. Solar One Educators focused on informing families about the Green Design Lab energy challenge, and the students were able to show off their human powered bike blender that Solar One helped to fund through a partnership with IOBY last school year. The event was part of the USGBC Green Apple Day of Service, which is an annual event where communities around the world work on projects to help make schools more sustainable.

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Go Fish! a Big Hit, As Always

go-fish-2A gray and overcast afternoon didn’t dull the excitement of last Saturday’s culmination of the 2013 Family Day series. With help from Dan Tainow of the Lower East Side Ecology Center, visitors to Solar 1 learned to string poles, bait hooks, and cast their lines into the East River for an urban taste of catch-and-release fishing.

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Oysters and Water Quality Monitoring Station

Oyster-1Solar One took great strides this week to study and improve the quality of the East River at our Stuyvesant Cove location.  Working with our partners at NY/NJ Baykeeper, we have re-initiated our oyster gardening site!  The new oysters, which contain 38 juveniles and hundreds of infant oysters [known as spats], will be monitored by visiting school groups and Solar One staff. In addition to caring for the oysters, the above groups will work together to collect data to help decide how hospitable our East River location is for oyster restoration.

The gardening project has the goal of bringing back the oyster to the New York harbor estuary and allowing this keystone species to provide its number of benefits to our waters ways, including water quality improvement and habitat creation.

We are also very excited that our new automated water quality monitoring equipment has arrived.  Once this system is in place, we will have real time data posted online.  This will help us try to understand the relationship between our oysters’ health and the East River water quality!

Cool Wednesday Volunteer Events at the Park!

helpinghands-copySpring is in full swing and we’ve got tons to do!  It seems that every year everything needs to happen at once in May, and this year is no exception.  In fact, there is more work than ever, as the recovery from Sandy continues.  First on the to do list is weeding (we’ve got lots of lamb’s quarters!), followed by replacing the fibar on paths, then more planting and mulching.  Our team needs help getting all this done!

Daisy Hoyt, the manager of Stuyvesant Cove Park, will be hosting a weekly volunteer event each Wednesday  from 1 to 4pm, starting next Wednesday, May 29th, and continuing into June.  We will meet at the Solar One building, which is located right on the East River at the end of 23rd st.  Power bars and water will be provided (but not pizza).  Please RSVP to, and let Daisy know in general if Wednesday afternoons are feasible.  Feel free also to pass this on to others who might be interested in helping.  We hope to see you there!

East River Blueway Plan Sticks Stuy Cove Right in the Middle


EastRiverBlueway_StuyCoveThe East River has never been known as an oasis of nature. Seinfeld famously ridiculed Kramer, who thought it would be a good idea to swim in the East River. But an intrepid group of politicians and groups are trying to take a big step forward by re-imagining the shorelines along downtown Manhattan.

We recommend downloading the full plan (don’t worry, there are lots of pictures) and browse through some of the proposed developments. Stuyvesant Cove Park gets a full section, and there are some interesting tidbits about the waterfront and its history. This is your river, too!



Eupatorium coelestinum, Eragrostis spectabilis, Rudbekia fulgida, and Heliopsis helianthoides

pScove-copyToday the sun washed over Stuy Cove Park, warming the chilled spring air. It wasn’t an unusual day, but it was one of our favorites, as some of our best volunteers from the Stuyvesant Cove Park Association made even more progress in helping us continue to restore the plants and beds of Stuy Cove.

This is the season where weeds start to appear, and in addition to planing new greenery, our volunteers also sought out weeds to remove them from our native-plant beds. Some of the new plants were Eupatorium coelestinum, Eragrostis spectabilis, Rudbekia fulgida, and Heliopsis helianthoides. Recognize any of them?

It’s the Mist Flower, Purple Lovegrass, Black-eye Susan, and the Oxeye Sunflower. Next time you come to Stuy Cove Park, you can find them!

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