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New York City

NYC’s First Commercial-Scale Wind Turbine Spins in Sunset Park

bkwindturbineIn its first month of operation, Sunset Park’s new wind turbine, located at the 30th Street pier recycling center, has generated enough electricity to power a 20-watt lightbulb for a hundred years.

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Elaine Summers, Legendary NYC Choreographer Who Loved Solar One, Passes Away at 89

elainesummersThe word “legendary” gets tossed around an awful lot these days, but it truly fits the life and work of choreographer Elaine Summers, who passed away at Bellevue hospital on December 27 after a fall at her home. She was 89.

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New NYC ID Cards Are Perk-Laden & Free This Year

IDNYCcardEven though Americans are not required to carry identification, and we do not have a true national identity card, there are a lot of situations where photo IDs, and even government-issued photo IDs, are required. Such as opening bank accounts, buying prescription drugs and going to an emergency room. Since many New Yorkers don’t have driver’s licenses- the sort of de facto national ID system- it’s a good thing, especially for more marginalized citizens, to be able to get an ID.

So on Monday, Mayor de Blasio announced the introduction of ID-NYC, a new ID card for New Yorkers. And to make sure it’s not only undocumented immigrants who use them, they’re being offered free this year, and have lots of great perks and benefits that come with them.

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Goodbye, Expanded Polystyrene Foam, We Will Not Miss You

plasticfoamThis is a picture of a piece of expanded polystyrene foam- the ubiquitous squishy plastic foam that takeout food containers, hot coffee cups, hospital and school meal trays and packing peanuts are all commonly made from- under an electron microscope. Plastic foam (often referred to by the brand name Styrofoam) is lightweight and well insulating; it’s also unrecyclable and pretty damn near indestructible when put into a landfill.

There’s been talk of a NYC ban on plastic foam products for years, and a ban was actually approved under Mayor Bloomberg in 2013, but the city decided to do a study to see whether there might be an effective and efficient way to recycle it. That study concluded that trying to recycle the foam wouldn’t be feasible, so now it’s out. 

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How Diverse Are NYC Cultural Institutions?

1900meltingpotNew York City has been reknowned as America’s melting pot long before it became the Big Apple. Today the city’s populatioin is so diverse that no one group dominates. But is leadership at the city’s cultural institutions keeping pace with these demographics?

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Remembering Mario Cuomo’s Environmental Achievements in NYS

mariocuomoSince former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo passed away on New Year’s Day at age 82, journalists across the state have been commenting on his legacy, including his leadership on education, AIDS, transportation safety and last but not least, the environment.

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