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Cranksgiving Returns to Solar One This Saturday

Cranksgiving is an annual bike ride/scavenger hunt/food drive, helping to feed the hungry on Thaksgiving for the past 15 years. And unlike other, much more notorious holiday food drives, this one does not involve drinking (until the afterparty, of course), carolling or the despoiling of sidewalks or stoops. Costumes are optional!

Collected food will be donated to the Bowery Mission, a fantastic NYC charity for the homeless. Their pantry shelves are pretty bare right now, so they need you more than ever!

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Farming Energy

Imagine generating renewable energy and yielding crops simultaneously. This multitasking miracle has been achieved recently in Japan, where “Solar Sharing” gained a foothold after the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries lifted the ban on PV solar system installations on agricultural lands.

The concept was developed in 2004 by Japanese agricultural machinery engineer Akira Nagashima, after he discovered a crucial photosynthetic clue. Nagashima noted that plants have a light saturation point at which increased amounts of sunlight does not aid the plant’s photosynthesis process, giving agricultural lands somewhat of a surplus of unused sunlight.

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Just Another Reason to Love Street Vendors

While New York’s skylines are getting greener, change is also occurring on the streets. Whether or not we ever purchase from street food vendors, we curse their blasts of hot exhaust in the summer, are strangely comforted by them in the winter, and are unsure of how to feel after we are doused in meaty smoke, forced to inhale that particular perfume for the remainder of the day. Yet there are no doubts that New York City food carts are noisy and unclean.

In fact, SustainableCitiesCollective recently noted that “3,000 mobile food carts create the equivalent pollution emissions of approximately 10,000 cars.” Are our gyros really that worth it? But there may be a cleaner way to get our speedy lunchtime delicacies.

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Sun to Stars Returns to Solar One on Saturday August 24 at 2pm


Come to Solar One for another magical day of music, dance and activities for kids! Experience a traditional South Asian atmosphere as you lounge on carpets and pillows, enjoying excellent artists performing various styles from South Asia and beyond.

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Art for Progress Music & Art Festival Comes to Solar One This Weekend


Come to Solar One this weekend for 3 days of music, performance, installation art and delicious food when Art for Progress brings their Artists4Equality festival to the Solar One stage.

Tickets are $10/day or you can buy a 3-day pass for the low, low price of just $25. For the full lineup of bands, DJs and artists, and to buy tickets, please visit the Art for Progress website HERE.

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