Meet the Smartbulb

smartbulbsRemember when light bulbs were simple? There was one kind (incandescent) at maybe four wattages- 25, 40, 60 and 100 were common- and sometimes you’d encounter something fancy like a 3-way bulb or maybe a colored bulb. Sure, they were inefficient and unrecyclable, but they were ubiquitous, and every grocery store, gas station and hardware store in American carried the exact same ones.

Then along came the CFL and everything changed. Incandescents were out; CFLs, halogens and fluorescents were in. Yes, they had traces of mercury in them that made them dangerous to break, and they had to go back to the store to be recycled. So LEDs were introduced. With their super-long lifespans and ultra-efficient electricity consumption, they seem to have won the game.

Enter the smartbulb.

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How Do You Like the New Solar1.org?

10.yearsSo you may have noticed that we recently redesigned our website. Nice, isn’t it? We tried to make it simpler and less cluttered, with easier navigation, especially on mobile devices and tablets.

But we’d really, really appreciate it if you’d weigh in with your thoughts, ideas and opinions.

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New York City, We Have A Deer Problem

bambionsiiTo many of us urban dwellers, the sight of a deer in the wild is something of a thrill. When the majority of the wildlife you encounter every day is limited to rodents and pigeons, a white-tailed deer looks beautiful, graceful, a special reminder that nature is all around us.

But to people who live in the suburbs or in the country, deer can be a tremendous nuisance. And now they’ve somehow managed to invade Staten Island- and they are taking over.

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Which NYC Neighborhood Is the Noisiest?

foggynycNoise annoys, as British punks The Buzzcocks said back in the 70s.  And in NYC, despite the new noise ordinances passed in 2007, there were more than 140,000 noise complaints dialed in to 311 between the winter of 2013 and the fall of 2014. That’s one complaint every four minutes, so it’s clear that noise pollution is not a small problem at all.

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NYC’s First Commercial-Scale Wind Turbine Spins in Sunset Park

bkwindturbineIn its first month of operation, Sunset Park’s new wind turbine, located at the 30th Street pier recycling center, has generated enough electricity to power a 20-watt lightbulb for a hundred years.

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