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Get Ready for a Global Solar-Powered Energy Revolution

For absolute proof that solar power is the future, check out this graph from the Earth Policy Institute, which shows the trajectory of solar world-wide over the past 40 years.

As the price of panels has plummeted, the capacity of solar installations has grown exponentially. In fact, solar power use has increased 53 times since 2006.

How many other industries have grown 53 times larger in 9 years?

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Lust Object du Jour: Battery-Electric VW Camper Van

electricvwEven though it was first introduced to the world in the 1950s, it became a ubiquitous cultural icon during the counter-culture era of the 1960s. Hippies, free-spirited adventurers and cross-country travelers snapped up the Type 2 microbus at what is, by today’s standards, the unbelievably low price of around $2,100 (it also played a supporting role in Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant).

Volkswagen stopped microbus production in 2003, but now they’re trying to bring the design back- as a battery electric vehicle.

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What “Repo Man” Can Teach Us About Solar’s Residual Value

repomanIf you’ve never seen Repo Man, Alex Cox’s 1984 sci-fi dystopian comedy tale of a kid who gets caught up in the repo business, starring a very young Emilio Estevez, it’s highly entertaining, and highly recommended. But the repo model also has some interesting value for the future of solar power.

So what does repossessing cars have to do with solar panels?

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Wonky Friday: Environmental Advocates Breaks Down the NYS 2015/16 Budget

nys2015budgetNew York State’s 2015-2016 budget is out on the street, and it’s getting pretty high marks from environmentalists. To see how Environmental Advocates rates this year’s spending plan, check out the YouTube video after the jump. It’s only 3 minutes long!


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What’s Your Climate Thing?

worldonfire_bigEarlier this week, novelist Jonathan Franzen wrote an essay for the New Yorker wherein he bemoaned what he sees as the disproportionate focus on climate over nature- specifically birds. This prompted Grist’s David Roberts to respond that in his wide experience writing about the environment, everyone has a climate thing. And that’s a good thing.


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